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How to Get Rid of Temporary Files in Windows 10 Easily

Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10

Clearing the Temporary files on your system from time to time can speed it up.  Most of these files have a .tmp extensions and are found in Windows’s Temporary Files Directory.

In today’s edition, I’ll discuss more about Temporary Files and how clearing them can boost your Computer’s Speed.

What are Temporary Files

Temporary files are created by the Operating System or the applications and they are used for storing the data temporarily. Once the program’s job is done, they are usually removed. But sometimes, they will stay in the Windows Temporary Folder and stay there until you manually delete them. And deleting these files is a simple process that only takes a few minutes of work.

Benefits of Deleting Temporary Files

Over a period of a long time, a large number of files of the following type get accumulated in the PC and take a large amount of disk space. Getting rid of these files will not only increase your Windows Hard Drive (C)’s space, but it will also boost your PC’s speed.

If you want to fine-tune your PC’s performance or increase the frame-rates in games, consider clearing these files.

Is is safe to Delete Temporary Files

Yes, this is absolutely safe to delete the Temp Files. Deleting these files will not create any problem with your PC or Notebook.

It is safe because we are only going to delete those files that are no longer required. We will not delete any such file that is currently being used by any program in the PC.

How to reach the Temporary Files Directory

You can either refer to this guide by AVG, or follow the following instructions.

  1. Open Run
  2. Type %temp%
  3. Press Enter

To open Run in Windows 10, press Windows Key + R and you’ll arrive at the following screen.

Windows 10 Run

Now, you will find yourself in the Windows 10 Temporary Files Folder.

How to Delete Temp Files

Just press all Control Key with A (Ctrl+A) to select all the files.

Now just press the delete key on your keyboard and it will take care of the rest.

But there may be a few files that are currently being in use.

Windows 10 Folder in Use

So, what’s the turnaround for that? We obviously don’t want to delete the files are the programs are currently using. So, we will press the Skip button and check “Do this for all current items”.

This ensures that the files currently in use are safe.

That’s all we gotta do to get rid of these files and speed up the performance of the computer. Do let us know if this guide helps you in boosting the speed of your Computer.

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