Integrated vs Dedicated GPU: What is the difference?

Integrated vs Dedicated Graphics

You might have probably heard a lot about the difference between Integrated vs Dedicated GPU. There’s a lot of difference between the two.

Every computer needs a Graphics Hardware that can handle the render the stuff and display it on the monitor. Most systems come with an Integrated Graphics Processor for this work. Some of the most common types of Integrated GPUs are by Intel and AMD. You might have heard of Intel HD Graphics which come with almost all the new Intel Processors.

Dedicated Graphics, on the other hand, are optional (unless the system doesn’t have Integrated Graphics). Their job is to accelerate the graphics processing of the system. This makes them suitable for gaming and video rendering. On average a low-end Dedicated Graphics Card is 2 to 3 times faster than an Integrated GPU released in the same year.

The low-end AMD Radeon RX550 is almost 3 times faster than the Intel HD Graphics 630. Thus, this results in better frames-per-second in games and better rendering times is video editing applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia Studio.

Any other kind of application that requires Graphics Intensive Processing can be benefitted using a Dedicated Graphics Card.

Are Integrated Graphics any good?

Every Graphics Card is different and every year new Integrated GPUs are released. Obviously, the current generation Integrated GPUs are a lot faster than as compared to their 5-year-old counterparts.

The new Integrated GPUs not only can handle 4K Monitors but can also run many PC Games at low preset. However, they still struggle with the new high-end games. And in most of the occasions, you’ll have to stick with 720p Resolution while gaming.

Do I really need a Dedicated Graphics Card?

If you like to game a lot or if your work involves a lot of video editing and 3D Rendering, getting a Dedicated Graphics Card is a must. Not all of you have to go for those $500 cards. Some of the Graphics Card under $250 like the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti can do a great job as well.

Even the entry-level GPUs like RX550, GT 1030 can improve the 3D performance by several folds.

If I use a laptop, can I upgrade the GPU?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade the GPU of a Laptop. However, what you can do is to get an external Graphics Card for your laptop. However, they are not as effective and a better option will be to buy a new Laptop. By the way, keep in mind that most of the Laptop with a dedicated GPU comes with the Nvidia Optimus Technology.

Before you buy a new Laptop, it is crucial to analyze whether it has a dedicated GPU or not and if it does, is that one good enough?

So, the next time you buy a Laptop, carefully analyze each and every specification before making a decision.


Integrated Graphics Cards are sufficient for general computer usage. But for graphics-intensive usage such as hardcore gaming and video rendering, Dedicated Graphics Cards do a far better job. Hope this post ends your doubt between an Integrated and a Dedicated Graphics Hardware.

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